A goal scored in football/soccer with a lot of power usually from out side of the box
Guy 1: "Did you see Luka's goal?"

Guy: "Yeah, was a proper boomer!"
by LosReyes March 21, 2013
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Your big brother who always reuses the word til its really annoying most likely he is a baloney hotdog and likes to eat dick
Younger brother: Hi big bruddah
Older Brother: Hi Boomer your gay
by Sr. JANELLE is Fat October 29, 2019
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Cari Elise Fletcher, that singer who struggles with modern technology
she can’t turn off an instagram live, what a boomer
by ms_123xx May 24, 2020
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Another name for a person called Gwilym.

The Gwilym Boomer sometimes referred to as the Gwilboom is an especially childish boomer that denies that he is a boomer
Oh youre such a Boomer
by Youreaboomer November 9, 2019
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A baby boomer, someone born around the war time. The generation who started global warming but blame the young generation. Who is typically very political, "traditional", homophobic ect...
Person 1: Wow he's so rude!
Person 2: Yh Ik such a boomer!
Person 1: Tell me about it!
by Paganqueen115 December 14, 2019
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A person capable of consuming inhumanly large quantities of alcohol (rocky mountain goodness), and being completely unaffected by the next day. When the title booze-pig fails use boomer.
Wow, that guy just drank an entire islands worth of Coors. He is a real boomer.
by Boozepig of the south February 7, 2010
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