A somewhat common misspelling of Millennials. Often used by crazed political pundits who don't have a clue and the elderly.
Pundit: "Millenials are so dumb it's scary!"
Millennial: "At least we can spell the word "Millennial" correctly."
by Spam4Dan November 10, 2018
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Otherwise known as Generation Y, or the internet generation (iGen), Millenials are people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. Millenials are often "echo boomers" (their parents were part of the baby boom), and they are often extremely tech-savvy.
Bob is born in 1990 and carries his iPod around everywhere he goes. He can fix your computer in a heartbeat and texts his friends all the time. Bob's generation are known as the millenials.
by KylieBronte November 12, 2007
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The gross generation that invented fidget spinners,dabbing,twerking and other cringey stuff
"Those fucking millenials are dabbing in front of me"
by yellowpork6969 November 23, 2017
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A generation that has gone through life without a single butt whipping for doing stupid crap, and think stupid crap is just another option.
Those millenials are protesting having to learn enough cursive to sign their name.
by zeroaster May 2, 2018
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"WTF is wrong with people these days?"
"They are Millenials what do you expect, David."
by ap011osKID September 25, 2018
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Creatures that died from being shot by the government when trying to illegally enter a military base aka Area 51
Grandkid: Grandpa, what was the 2000s like?
Grandpa: Have you ever heard of millenials?
by Bank Ching Ching July 21, 2019
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Have you been on YouTube lately? OMG the kids comments are insipid and they get 600 likes! ..

oh and the spelling and grammar is appalling and I end like a schoolteacher correcting them... millenials are the pinnacle of DOOM..
by Miss Beachy November 1, 2019
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