Boomer is a word used in every situation regardless whether it fits its definition or the context of the sentence
Mark: Hi
Adam: Ok Boomer

Alice: Dude, can you get the cheetos from the cabinet?
Big Shaq: Ok Boomer
by AkinsoftIsUnfunnyChangeMyMind December 4, 2019
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1. My dogs name
2. An old person
1. “Come here Boomer!”
2. “Karen is being a boomer!”
by I love Post Malone! March 26, 2020
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Boomer is anyone who's older than you and is either complaining about younger generation, saying he hates his wife, or just believes in outdated beliefs about any subject. It can also be someone who doesn't know modern slang very well, or uses it in a "non-cool" way (not in a way that zoomer would use it)
Boomer: man my don't you just hate your wife
Zoomer: ok boomer
by BigPPbarni June 19, 2020
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Boomers are people from older generations that don't give a fuck about what we do nowaday and make you repeat THEIR childhood or whatever. They also don't know our language very well for example, they have no idea of the concept of slang. Long story short: Adults and older people don't know what we do and don't understand what we normally do in our daily lives.
Kid: *grinding on fortnite and minecraft bedwars simultaneously*
Parent: Wtf are you doing you lazy cunt? Is this all you do? Just sit there and stare at a screen for the entire day?
Kid: Fuck of you retarded bastard. I'm busy right now.
Parent: You should do somthing like go outside and make some friends. You know back in my days...
Kid: I don't give a fuck what you did back in ur days. You fucking boomer.
Parent: What did you call me? A boomer? What's a boomer?
Kid: *face slap* Oh my god... You know what, I'll go outside and stay outside.
*contemplates life and hangs himself using a random cable on the floor he happened to find when walking to the nearest orphanage in town*
by A-A 1 January 8, 2021
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a "slur" against baby boomers.
People are against as it is "ageist" and they say it is the n-word of ageism.
"Boomer is a slur!"
"ok, boomer"
by https.lynxx November 14, 2019
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What you become after you change the suffix -teen in your age. These guys start populating Facebook with Smiling emojis and memes from 2008. They even joined Reddit and started to ask people on r/BlowJobs about their ages. TikTok is full of these making videos with little girls and saying things like "if you will learn at school, you will become like me" and he is a fat, old Police officer.
Ex. 1:Stop spamming these emojis. Stop beeing a Boomer
Ex. 2: What is this meme? Ok, Boomer
by DankWarrior703 March 21, 2020
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Cari Elise Fletcher, that singer who struggles with modern technology
she can’t turn off an instagram live, what a boomer
by ms_123xx May 24, 2020
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