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A person who is strong, attractive an smart. A person who is determined, motivated, helpful, loving and kind. Elvis is someone who puts a smile on your face when you least want to, someone who can make you try new things. Elvis is a person who has learned to admit when their wrong and make up for their wrongdoings. Elvis is a person who has a good heart, could be stubborn but overall means well and wants to give love.
That person is such an elvis.

Everyone loves that he/she has an elvis personality.
by Nena Linda September 26, 2011
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Elvis is a handsome, calm and nice guy who is really smart and intelligent. He takes life easy and has a "live let live" life motion.
He is stubborn and wants things done in his way which could sometimes really annoy people but later corrects his mistake. He is the kinda guy who doesn't like being forced to do something but would love to do it by his own thinking.

He handles things in a smart and organized manner which is a massive turn on . He is also really strong and attractive which makes women really crazy for him.
Gosh!!! I feel so elvis about Jack
by njihia beauty July 19, 2016
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A girl with hidden depths, and possibly Finnish roots. Someone with a deep love for music, both creating it and listening to it. A true beauty who brightens the day of anyone she happens to encounter. Has broken many hearts, but not on purpose.
Wow, who was that elvi? I think I just fell in love.
by Snorgalicious May 22, 2010
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The Absolute King of Rock and Roll . all you other punkasses can sit down and breath thru your nose.
He truly was Americas Penis. Huge and sleek and envied by the hole world. You are a free american today, because of Elvis' greatness. If for nothing else America was known as the birthpace of Elvis.
Elvis AAron Presley- Lisa Maries dad.
He gave it all, a simple man devoured by the darkness.
The news reporter yelled ''Elvis , you are the King!'', and Elvis, the coolest guy in the world, said ''Naw man, Jesus is the King, im just a singer." Amen.
by rockmonk September 05, 2005
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King of Rock and Roll Heaven. Greatest singer and entertainer past, present, and future. A bright shining star like a comet going through the sound waves. Still number one of all celebraties, living or dead.
Elvis flying rock in space
Elvis Royalty
by Lake Queen Mary November 20, 2006
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