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Blanketing is the newest internet sensation where one wears a blanket over their head in various public settings and posts a picture online. This is the new "planking" except it is way more fun, and planking is pretty stupid anyway.
Person 1: Hey, you look stupid with that blanket on your head

by silky$ June 10, 2012
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A strategy implemented when one breaks up with their significant other. Involves alot of talking to/befriending potential people who may want to be with their ex in order to put guilty thoughts in their head if they ever try, and ultimately stop them trying.
John: "Man, are you going to sleep with Steph or what? She's broken up with Mike!"

Dave: "Nah man, haven't you realised Mikes been blanketing? I'd feel bad if i did it now"
by samworthington May 22, 2010
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The unfortunate act of accidentally allowing your freshly-painted fingernails to come into contact with a blanket, thereby leaving a rough, uneven texture on the surface of the nailpolish.
"Crap! I just blanketed my nails!! Now I've got to take ALL the polish off and start over... fml."

"I hate blanketing my nails! Such a waste of time!"
by P. Aris February 05, 2012
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