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A word that both authors and editors love to use at the end of a quotation or next to a photo, because they are lazy to trace the source of the material.
By using "Anonymous," publishers avoid paying any royalties on the lame excuse that they couldn't get in touch with the owner of the copyrighted works.
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by MathPlus February 16, 2017
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Anonymous is the ultimate internet tough guy. An OL psycho bully, butthurt about being everybody's bitch and being pwnd IRL all the time, set himself to win the only way he kind of knew how, which is also ironical since it was his's smart odds that usually got him raep to begin with. Being the IRL pussy that he is, decided to hide his actions' persona behind true anonymity; in an undifferentiated gang of other sorry ass losers. Those actions more often that not, resulted in major lols, as expected of such fail IRL lolcows. Finally getting tired of being the laughing stock of the universe in all imaginable possible ways, they decided to better justified it and say that it was on purpose and hence forged a new inducive adage, that they 'did it for the lulz', or if with a sugarcoated moralfag anarchy twist, 'for great justice'. Which is either way pointess and contradictory self-pwning anyhow. They're also closet attention whores that get their kicks of unwarranted self-importance by vandalizing real attention whores' shit and people who disagree with them; since most people are not major geeks, just could not emotionally get it, and are hence labeled anti-lulz; the real attention whores were of course asking for it and deserve to get rape accordingly. Almost needless to say, intellectually that senseless shit of a ideological manifesto is just like them, laughable. What a great achievement to moronically troll a 16 year old girl facemyliveshit account, must've been a real tough cookie to crack; you are so hXc. Nigga please, it that's the best You can do, then pleeeaaase DO NOT WANT U to lolfight any more 'baetlz k'. It's not even funnay anymore, not that it ever was. Anon's nowadays synonymous with a lame OL prankster. It is common knowledge that there's no oldanon, it just remains constant the same plain old shitty level of anon crap; the real oldanon left the scene when they weren't any more real challenges or grew up. It is useless to increase the quantity of them by dynamically recruiting fucktards, since they are all unreliable retarded rap-loving 13 year old boys newfag emo furry shit. Since anon is supposed to be behaving the way that everybody really wants; well, then become an heroes; that's what we all really want (or at least is what I want). What a bunch of wimpy shitheads. Laugh at anons every chance you get; laugh at the size of their e-penis; laugh at their lolfighting for shit no-one cares about; laugh at their inability to command respect OL. Since anon nevar4gets; yeah right; to get a life perhaps, since every waking moment is a tormented hellish sempiternal remainder of his IRL fail. But wait, wouldn't that also make You kind of an anon; what a mindfuck! Anons sure is serious business... Fo sho rly!
Anonymous would like everybody to get a twisted sense of humor; troll the interwebz, protest scientology, watch Faux News, blow up vans, become an heros; buy a dog, curtains, goggles, mudkips, Guy Fawkes masks, etc; just for graet justice!

Dubious Disclaimer: This definition was written for the lulz!
by mayor_lulzer May 11, 2008
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Self proclaimed "Hackers on Steroids". Bunch of 14 year olds who probably never have been socially accepted at school. Usually making agressive comments towards African-Americans. Not exactly a powerful force due to the fact if a situation occurs in which their community (4chan) shuts down , they will whine like sissy bitches. Secondly , no one IRL knows about them , let alone cares lol. But hey , it's for the lulz right?
John: Dude , Anonymous is getting stronger.
Sam: You mean that group of faggots protesting outside of the Scientology thing?
John: Yea! Theyre gonna rule the world one day!
Sam: Oh please , not even Apple is scared of them.
by BobisBomb August 15, 2008
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Bunch of mc donalds employees who have seen v for vendetta one too many times. Some of them do it for the lulz which is acceptable, but some of them actually think they're some sort of revolutionary movement - lame.
Anonymous is made up of white arts degree students, who are never going to face any real challenge or hardship in their tame lives, so they compensate by trying to be part of anonymous.
by gsdgsd May 09, 2008
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A bunch of idiot trolls who hack websites and then they try to look cool with long monlogues like "we are anonymous, we do not forgive, we are the soul of the internet" and other shit like that.
by blitzkrieg999 July 01, 2010
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The group who will someday save America from the evil of the corporations and corrupt politicians. Operates in the shadows to ensure that the government does not dismantle them.
The people that know little about Anonymous think of them as masked cyber terrorists. I think they will be the saviors of America and perhaps even the world.
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by A Human Male August 02, 2018
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Formerly known as the "final boss of the Internet", Anon has become simply a bunch of weeaboo faggots who wish to be a part of something.
by Former Anon April 22, 2009
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