The moment someone realizes that they got owned.
John felt he was up for the cinnamon challenge, but experienced plexus when he found that someone had replaced the cinnamon with cayenne pepper powder.
by abradacabra February 12, 2010
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(noun) a confusing or badly written legal opinion or contract

origin: late 15th century (as the adjective perplexed): from the obsolete adjective perplex ‘bewildered’, from Latin perplexus 'entangled', based on plexus 'interwoven', from the verb plectere
by Lord Wolff June 2, 2011
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An Apparent Corruptive Entity that is the collective name given to a broad range of paranormal phenomena attributed to a corruptive entity which infects weak and vulnerable people through the Solar Plexus chakra. Originally used by 80s New Age practitioners, the phenomena was linked to a horror themed email forwardable in the late 90s, which claimed that simply reading or hearing the words "Solar Plexus Clown Glider" made one susceptible to infection. (Or seeing the photo related) (DO NOT LOOK IT UP)
Person 1: "i looked up solar plexus clown gliders, and now i cant sleep!"

Person 2: "Sounds Scary, I Heard The Photo Curses You."
by Scaramouche38 January 17, 2023
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