A vague message that has been seen on bills and graffiti in multiple countries. Often accompanied with the date 5/19/13, its current meaning is unknown, but some rumors associate it with the Apocalypse.
by electronut August 9, 2010
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A term usually sent by hackers through any type of online messaging. It is said if you reply your account might be hacked.
Hacker: Expect us.
by uhurtmybandaid September 17, 2009
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A controversial message that has been popping up on dollar bills and coins around the world. People on facebook and other social networking/blogging sites are speculating that it's related to some sort of anarchist uprising and others say its just a hoax.
Although "5/19/13 expect us" is mostly just discussed as being a seemingly intentionally vague message being written on banknotes people have reported seeing it written in the form of graffiti in highly populated urban areas which suggests that it's related to the underground culture particularly in the United States.
by threekings July 31, 2010
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The date for the end of the world as seen by a great prophet. It is being spread quietly so we can prepare for the end.
On 5/19/13 Expect Us (the horsemen of the apocalypse).
by Scavenger51913 August 2, 2010
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