description of one who does something unbeneficial or detrimental to you or another on a whim or without consideration of other factors
He gutlessly gave a surprise test today.
Sir Rossy's gutless.
by Marduke February 27, 2005
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exceedingly slow, in reference to a motorized vehicle
"You HAVE to get the six cylinder model - the four cylinder is just gutless."
by Thayne August 2, 2005
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1)(adjective) something that is thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group

2)(verb) to gutless - the act of disadvantaging another person or group.

3) (noun) an act which was thoughtless or disadvantageous to another person or group
1) That was a really hard and uncalled for pop-quiz. It was such a gutless quiz.

2) Merlino gutlessed us. He left without us.

3) Jimmy pulled a gutless. He took all our money and left.
by Steven Brinks December 3, 2006
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A person who is so without courage that it’s surprising they are even alive.
He is a gutless wonder and that is exactly why he has risen to the top in this reversed world of avoidant underachievers working for the state.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 30, 2019
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Hiding in a closet while under immediate threat and attack. Especially when in a leadership role and abandoning people that look up to you. Relying on others to improvise weapons while you hide.
Stephen Harper is a gutless coward because he left his people to go cower in a closet.
by UrbanDictionaryEditing January 21, 2015
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A person who's courage is limited to gang attacks on individuals that are traditionally considered to be weak. They are noted for being able to talk a good fight but collapsing instantly the moment they are presented with a fair fight.
A gang of gutless wonders attacked a 90 year old man with pepper spray then kicked him repeatedly when he fell to the ground .
by Major Felix March 5, 2017
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