something salty 12 year olds say when they get their ass kicked on call of duty
kid: i fucked your mom last night
by mih naem jeff May 13, 2017
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Things that little boys say when they can't come up with an insult
¿:hey your ugly
¶:hey I fucked your mom!
by Scaredchildren2392¶ July 19, 2017
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Our childhood was the best time of my life and I loved every minute spent with you and our jokes meant the world to me and I wish i never forgot you and I wish we had more time together now that I finally got you back in my life
Richie: I fucked your mom

Eddie: I love you too
by I love reddie September 25, 2019
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I love you and have loved you since we were 13
Richie: I fucked your mom.
Eddie: your an idiot, but I love you too.
by Carter ÙwÚ March 21, 2020
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Preacher:have you heard of Jesus

Me:I fuck your mom
by University of hippity February 16, 2018
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