This is a man's game, not for lightweight's who do not like to drink. This is a game played with ten cups, three beers, no re-racks, no exceptions! This is not to be played with six cups. Drink before you shoot!! Don't be standin there holdin your cup like a baby-back bitch. Hand- offs are mandatory- let your teammate get on fire if he sinks his shot. Leave the bounces at home as well, none of that shit in this game. Using three balls is encouraged and a team must sink all three to receive roll-backs. (Two cups are accepted but only if three are not available) This is not a sex game, it is a drinking game; therefore, no fingering or blowing is allowed. Two shots made in the same cup at anytime is indeed game over. Six cups with two beers are used in as many overtimes as are needed to complete the game.

In conclusion, this game is NOT BEER PONG!! This is not a game played with paddles or two cups on either side as the real beer pong is.
Thank you, have a nice day
Ruit is the ultimate drinkin game.
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Bay ruit is a drinking game consisting of 2 teams of 2 people on opposite ends of a table. Each end has a triangle of 10 cups of beer. The object of the game is to throw a ping pong ball across the table and into one of the cups on the opposite end. Contrary to popular belief, this game IS NOT called beer pong.

Beer pong is played with paddles.

"Man, I got so drunk after playing 5 games of bay ruit."
by jayanne January 10, 2006
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NOT BEER PONG. The game can be played with either 6 or 10 cups on opposite sides with pyramids facing each other. 2 beers for 6 cups and 3 for 10. teams of two face off taking turns shooting off. if two consecutive shots are made, balls are sent back. if the ball bounces back to the team who shot it they may attempt a behind the back shot. Any amount of reracks is allowed.
Anyone who confused bei ruit and beer pong are retarded
by YOU IDIOTS December 12, 2006
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