A place which a crew frequents to log in time chilling. Often secluded in a forest or otherwise natural environment.
"Yo Ffej I'll meet you at the spot."
by Peterson September 7, 2004
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code name for a place to smoke marijuana
Yo, i'll meet you at the spot and we'll get fucked up
by Toohey August 8, 2003
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a cool place to just chill and do ur drugs of choice!!! and too watch rick and steff fight like allways
me and my nigga aj chill at the spot.
by JOHN BRAKBILL October 11, 2006
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Code name for a place so horrible that you don't want to mention its real name in the company of others. Generally characterised by the presence of sub-standard food or drinks, and a plethora of single, overweight and too old mothers looking for a 'good time'.
It's been a while, should we go to The Spot tonight?
by MrKoi May 16, 2007
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a place to have gay intercourses with your friends
hey krazy let’s go to the spot
by tvs4thewin November 14, 2021
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Idk it’s something Monet made up
by SaraIsCool33 January 14, 2021
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British slang for "well done", "perfect" or "right on,"

see also bang on
The food in England might not always be so good, but the brew in the pubs are spot on every time.
by SG June 29, 2004
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