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A place which a crew frequents to log in time chilling. Often secluded in a forest or otherwise natural environment.
"Yo Ffej I'll meet you at the spot."
by Peterson September 07, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Code name for a place so horrible that you don't want to mention its real name in the company of others. Generally characterised by the presence of sub-standard food or drinks, and a plethora of single, overweight and too old mothers looking for a 'good time'.
It's been a while, should we go to The Spot tonight?
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
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The spot located under the green staircases at Inglewood High School. All the cool people use to kick it there under some douche decided to hang around in a circle in the middle of nowhere.
hey remember when we use to kick it at the spot?

- yeah, good times...good times.
by three1ohhh March 21, 2009
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A spot can be many things. A point, a drop of food or drink left on clothing, any favor or solid exchange between two or more people. The spot can also be described as a lookout. The G. The member of a cheerleading squad brought onto a team as a safety for team members during the stunt work portion of any routine for a competitive team. This type of spot only has to be quick to reaction and task, but also must have the ability’s to consider more than one body’s safety while preforming stunt work. Otherwise without the spot, people land on faces and asses, start breaking shit and people don’t need that type of mess! Do they?
“Did you spot that beauty? Lawd have mercy!”

“There’s a spot. I’m gonna have to get the tide out!”
“What up B? Could you spot me an exchange here?”
"Chef, Why can't he find the G?"
R-A: “Yo man, did you see the way Gean’s catching them girls tonight? Not an injury on the squad!”
D-J: “Man, I saw the way them girls were working that ass and shake all night! And you’re spotting the safety? Look at all the action bro! Besides, she got overloaded and just passed out after the floor routine.”
R-A: “She got right back up though. You just don’t get it, do you? She’s quick like a good lick and putting up the strength for more than just one person! You’re ass woulda fell out on the release?”
D-J: “Quit talking foolish! What ya should be worrying about right now is,... I’ma gettin' some alright. I’ma get some of that, that, and right over on to that other tonight at the after party!”
R-A: “You can have all that! Just don’t touch my spot!”
D-J: “It’s like that with her?”
R-A: “Yes, it is!”
D-J: “Ah-eyet!’
R-A: “Man, what the shit is Ah-eyet?”
D-J: “Slang for we cool man! You ready to go work on the spot?”
R-A: “Do I look ready?”
D-J: “You look a bit like a shirtless, sweaty, bird chested mutherfuka, wearing aviators about to fly up into the moon hopped up on fantasmic ass but, we won’t go there tonight!”
R-A to D-J: *SMACK*
D-J: “Man, why you always gotta be smackin my delicate spots?”
R-A: “Cause you hit that emotion spot and it’s reflexive! Don't work over my spot and it won't happen!"
D-J: "You do know it's not your spot unless you talk to it or somethin'? Or you just gonna spot and stare all your life? End up crying and shit!"
R-A to D-J: *Smack* "You needed that one!"
D-J: "You know for such a nice person, you violent! That's Ah-eyet though, we know you's emotional! Now let's go do this."
by WhatSpotUmeanDisSpotB;? May 23, 2013
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