When a location is busy, crowded, or just down right insane.
We should head to the bars, i hear its pretty hoppin' on friday nights
by steeeeeeeeeeeeeve-oh October 23, 2008
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Another term for something that is cool, wicked, or sweet.
Man that band was hoppin'
by anonymous October 16, 2004
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A Ben Franklin look alike with a magic finger capable of pointing out work for others while eating his salad and smoking a blueberry cigar.
Look at Stilwell work his ass off,the Hoppinator struck again!
by skidyard June 5, 2006
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unwanted people who comment on something voluntarily
Why is that guy hoppin on my status?
by stlblues December 28, 2010
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if you roll on hydros, seems like it makes your car rise into the air when you start it up and when you drive it you can hit one of the 4 switches then make your roll bounce from side to side, front to back or make it pancake
"fo hoppin, ass droppin" Ice Cube
by Swoopa March 1, 2009
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Exactly what it implies, a thot hopper goes from person to person, literally fucks anything with a pulse.
Whatchu doin tonight?
Ima be thot hoppin
by XGEN2.0 February 4, 2017
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To go clubbing- usually at a variety of clubs throughout the night; to go to different clubs during a period of time.
The night we went club hoppin', We left at twilight and didn't come back 'till dawn.
by Zack August 23, 2004
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