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The reason Matt never gets any and Kevin only gets laid when he is drunk.
There is not enough alcohol in the world to make up for Matt and Kevin's crooked johnson's.
by wifey March 1, 2003
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Fabio, The sexiest man on earth! and when you see him you’ll know he’s definitely a fabio! Fabio knows how to win you over in the blink of an eye and has charming features xoxo AKA Skyler Black
Fabio is Fibina’s Husband
by wifey December 8, 2018
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trying to remove only 1 cup from a vertical dispenser, but resulting in the removal of multiple "dixie" cups - extra cups are then stuffed back into the dispenser from the same point of exit.
Man, I was at the water cooler trying to get a cup, but I had to engage in recupupulation.
by wifey March 25, 2005
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Man, your mom's got the hot flashes with that shit. What, she's got the NJD?
by wifey March 27, 2005
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Group of former high school buddies in Monmouth County, NJ that hung together, made a posse name, went to prom together, and think they are much cooler that they actually are. Most attended Monmouth County Regional.
Hey Scott AKA Scooter! What are you and the rest of the Playboyz doing tonight?
by wifey March 25, 2005
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padfoot: married to mammoth. mammoth and padfoot will always be together. a person with enormasely large feet. padfoot killed acorn girl.
woahhh check out padfoot and mammoth ooo nice pink outfits!
by wifey April 2, 2005
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A horse like girl, genrally associated with the phrase 'backstabbing lying two faced anoying whorebag'. Should be shot on site or pelted with acorns. She loves her food. famous qoute: "without the ipod... she is nothing"
eugh what the fuck is that acorn girl doing?? yeah thats rite all throw acorns at her! oo she choked on an acorn... damn
by wifey April 2, 2005
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