to compensate for
He mentally discards the thoughts that are not important enough to make up for the fatigue of saying them.
by Zelaznog March 10, 2014
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Something that is used to hide your personality from the world because you think you aren't good enough when really you are beautiful on the inside and out.
Make-Up is a substance that only proves to everyone else that you don't like the way that God made you.
by Nope... yep April 6, 2018
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Most girls wear it, it’s fucking annoying because it gets on pillow cases
She wears too much fucking make up
by hekko March 20, 2018
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A phrase used to say that you will get sexual with someone after making them upset
"Don't worry baby I'll make up for it."
by ponylover234 June 10, 2017
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Something that women put on their faces because they have some weird misinterpretation that make-up makes them look prettier. On the contrary, most women look better without make-up on, and all women look terrible if they use too much make-up.
Girl 1: Hey
Girl 2: You look so pretty with all of that make up on!!!

Guy: *throws up*
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something girls use in a futile attempt to distract guys from ugliness so that they can get sum action.

guy: damn that chick was so hot yesterday. y the fuck did she put on make-up?? she looks like a hoe now
by morbidgolem December 15, 2007
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Used to enhance facial feature or cover blemishes and imperfections on their faces like the eyes, lips and cheeks. Mainly used by women almost everyday, people have made cosmetic companies to sell these products like lip gloss, eyeshadow etc...
" I must find a dress that matches my Make Up. "
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