Great 1980's Hardcore Punk Band from the UK. Originating in the time period famously known as UK 82 along other bands like The Exploited, Blitz, G.B.H (Charged), The Business, The Adicts, and many more
Punk# 1: Man did you hear Gods Are Born In The USA by Disorder

Punk# 2: Hell yeah im glad we listen to great music and not crap like blink 182 and Greenday
by Chirs Stiller September 8, 2009
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An awsome girl with lots of facial piercings, a shaved head or mohawk, and shitty home made tattoos.
"Aw, Disorder's awsome. I love her."
by 8345kk November 2, 2008
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Amogus Disorder is a semi-disorder with 7 stages. The disorder revolves around the indie social deduction game among us. The stages are listed below.

Stage 1:
The user is interested in the indie social deduction game Among Us. This is the first step to the inescapeapble disorder.

Stage 2:

The user sees some content and memes of Among Us and laughs at them and enjoys them.

Stage 3:
The user grows tired of Among Us, thinking it's littered with kids and unfunny memes. This stage can also be the stage people stop at, mostly users over the age of 21.

Stage 4:

The user stumbles upon the meme "Amogus". This is the step that really dooms the user and there is no turning back after this step. At first users may think it's unfunny but.....

Stage 5:

If the user thought the meme "Amogus" was unfunny beforehand, they start thinking it's funny, and they think the meme is a good example of how Among Us is littered with small children and incredibly overused, so they laugh at it.

Stage 6:
The user starts unironically using the phrase "Amogus". This stage may vary from spamming the phrase online and saying the phrase in real life and laughing at it. This stage is when the phrase "Amogus" starts corrupting their thinking.

Stage 7:
The user starts seeing the familiarity of real life objects and crewmates from Among Us. The user may spam: "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" during this stage. This is the last stage, and users suffering from this stage are quite common.
"Bro make this stop crewmates are everywhere and I cant unsee this..."
"You have Amogus Disorder."
by LierGuest/Frust March 7, 2021
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A severe and relatively rare form of mental illness in which a significant mood disorder (depression or bipolar disorder) is interspersed with periods of chronic psychosis even when the person's mood is normal. Less than 0.5% of the population are said to have this condition.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
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In·ter·net dis·or·der,

Any psychological disorder whose root pathological cause lies in exposure to certain aspects of the Internet. These include, but are not limited to:

·Google Amnesia;

·Hyperlink ADD (HADD);

·Forum Schizophrenia; and

·Internet Fuckwad Syndrome (IFS).

Treatment of such disorders may ultimately require the removal of the patient from the Internet - the main vector of Internet Pathogens.
My brother has never been the same since he went online; he's being a total douchebag on forums, and can surf Wikipedia for days on end, but have no recollection of where he's been. I should call a doctor; he's suffering from some form of Internet disorder.
by Echo Pryce January 15, 2010
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A made up "disorder" by a previously reputable organization called WHO. If you play video games when you are alone, you now have a "mental disorder", Although other addictions to activities such as watching movies or watching too many sports are completely normal.
Person 1: Do you play video games instead of doing Math homework?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: OMG!!, I didn't know you had mental issues. Here take this pill, we need to get rid of your "Gaming disorder".
by SJ Warrior August 20, 2018
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The dreamybull disorder, historically known as the cumming disorder. Is a disorder that appears in horny males aged 13 to the 30s. People with the dreamybull disorder all they do is cum, cum and CUM! Dreamybull disorder also influences people to overreact their sexual pleasure and orgasm with words such as "I AM ABOUT TO CUUUM", "I AM ABOUT TO NUT I AM ABOUT TO BLOW", "I AM BUSSING" and also "OMG OMG". While having reactions they also moan and yell during their pleasure and orgasm. The disorder is named to Dreamybullxxx, famous victim of the cumming disorder who suffered from this strange disorder and coomed himself to death.
Person 2: Dude why do you overreact ur sexual pleasure and orgasm and why tf do you even moan you're a MALE!
Person 3: RIP BRO! You suffer from the Dreamybull disorder!
Person 1: Oh f#ck!
by HelloFrumUzbekistan May 19, 2022
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