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of great elephantlike-ness. of great awesomeness, amazingness, or size. nothing to do with republicans.
dude, you got so much mammoth on that jump.
youre so mammoth.
youre totally mammoth on guitar.
im mad mammoth
by megonegraka February 19, 2008
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An older lady seeking a younger guy. Almost like a cougar but older. Or an older man seeking a younger gal.
"Those ladies on Golden Girls are Mammoths."

"My dad is a mammoth."
by Mammoth bait July 09, 2012
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A huge fucking furry organism with tusks that could take your goddamn head off. They belong to the Elephantidae family. They may be herbivores, but if you don't watch your fucking ass around these gargantuan motherfuckers you're a dead man.
Holy shit, how the hell did these formidable fucking beasts go extinct!? I wish mammoths were still around.
by Arthur Van Graff September 16, 2017
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