of great elephantlike-ness. of great awesomeness, amazingness, or size. nothing to do with republicans.
dude, you got so much mammoth on that jump.
youre so mammoth.
youre totally mammoth on guitar.
im mad mammoth
by megonegraka February 19, 2008
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Large furry creature, elephant like. (Exstinct)
Oh look there's a HUGE wooly mammoth!
by Frannie October 6, 2003
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a large cumberson creature also can refer to a fat person as a mammoth
oi mammoth
by mammoth March 15, 2004
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someone who is 100% fat and resembles a mammoth
holy you mammoth, go lose some weight
by bob hermansonton March 22, 2006
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A penis capable of killing a man, even Vin Diesil
Mark: That Jack sure does have a mammoth.
Steffan: I heard he killed several men in one of Freddie Mercurys gay backstage orgys with it.
Jack: Silence, he is hungry.
by Jack Mammoth May 23, 2005
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A large hairy beast with a trunk the size of Barbara Streisand's nose.
Help, there is a mammoth in my closet!
by CalamariPancake April 12, 2009
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