That was a really black bat. I couldn’t see last night it was pitch black
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The color of my heart. Also technically the absence of all color, so it's not a color at all. Therefore, it cannot be used as slang for African-American. Therefore, it's not racist at all.
Black is generally considered the color of an emo's soul.
by oh dear, I'm nothing to you. November 7, 2017
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The darkest colour and sometimes regarded as evil because of its dark and gloomy nature.
Jamal always wears all black , I feel he belongs to some cult group.
by Em_ dtruth January 9, 2020
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The absence of color.
A race of people that are African-American.
Black is the color of my soul. :)
by IvoryCastelan March 5, 2014
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A race
NOT a color.
Black is a shade, not a color!
Bet it right you noob!
Brayden: I'm wearing the color of my soul. Black.
by aspiringcherries May 24, 2018
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The one color that is not in the Rainbow according to Mario. Yeah, Mario actually said that.
Mario: Luigi, don't be a dinophobe. It takes all colors to make a rainbow. Except Black. There is no black in a rainbow.
by Knights of Reeeeeeee June 11, 2020
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