The one color that is not in the Rainbow according to Mario. Yeah, Mario actually said that.
Mario: Luigi, don't be a dinophobe. It takes all colors to make a rainbow. Except Black. There is no black in a rainbow.
by Knights of Reeeeeeee June 11, 2020
Who everyone wants to be until the cops show up.
Gurjeet thought he was a badass black gangster with his brand new lakers jersey and Chevy Impala until he was pulled over after a high school party by cops for a DUI.
by Fuck Halo 2. July 30, 2015
1. The color black. Usually considered to be the opposite of the color white

Contrary to popular belief the word "black" is not a racist comment or slur.
Those egg's are black cause you burnt them

(idiot human rights activist) "Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"
by alpha rioja May 13, 2005
The exact opposite of white.

It is caused by the absorption of all incident light.

Some things look darker than others because they absorb more light.

The only element to ever do that is Nga (Niggatronium), an element consisting of 500 N (neutrons) and 1 Z (proton) making it among the heaviest element of all time besides U (uranium) which has 92 protons and 92 electrons and is radioactive.

Our pigmentation contains Nga and some people have it more than others.

Though black holes look black as they pull light with their extreme gravity.
Person 1: White isn’t a color.
Person 2: Neither is black.
Person 1: Well white looks bright because it reflects all light.
Person 2: And black looks dark because it absorbs all light.
by gregben June 10, 2021
1) Total darkness.
2) A race of people of dark skin.
3) The color of the absence of light; The opposite of white.
1) It's black.
2) I'm black.
3) That shirt is black.
by The local Argentinian guy October 7, 2021
goes with any other color in the world
black goes with white
black goes with brown
black goes with yellow
black goes with green
black goes with red
black goes with blue
black goes with indigo
by JDaKingman November 8, 2009