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- a color

- a people, it's okay to say "Black", you don't always have to say, "African American", it's not a slur.

There is a difference between being a black person and a nigga.

Black people know how to act, aren't ignorant, respectful, and have class. While niggas, are highly ignorant, lack class, lack couth, are wild, and are a disgrace to others in their culture.

Stop grouping all of us together. Niggas give us a bad name.
Don't be a nigga, be black.
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by Honest_43 March 05, 2019
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1. The color black. Usually considered to be the opposite of the color white

Contrary to popular belief the word "black" is not a racist comment or slur.
Those egg's are black cause you burnt them

(idiot human rights activist) "Oh my GOSH you racist bastard!!"
by alpha rioja May 13, 2005
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goes with any other color in the world
black goes with white
black goes with brown
black goes with yellow
black goes with green
black goes with red
black goes with blue
black goes with indigo
by JDaKingman November 08, 2009
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African-Americans. The opposite of nigger.

Example of people who are/were black: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Mohamed Ali, Barrack Obama, Condi Rice, the black men and women out there who are working, surviving and contributing to society like any other citizen, and the black men who are putting their lives on the line in Iraq

Nigger are a different category. Niggers are African-Americans who are drug dealers, murderers, gang bangers, think they should get special treatment because of what some cowboys did over a century ago, NAACP, Jesse Jackson (he does nothing good for his race. he just runs his mouth), Ray Nagin.
by Bill January 27, 2006
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Used to refer to either Black and Milds (a type of cheap cigar) or Djarum Blacks (a type of clove cigarette).
Yo, mang, gimme one of those blacks.
by Pimp Triscuit September 10, 2008
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