To be firmly committed to a decision, preference, opinion, affiliation, etc. This phrase is actually most commonly used in the negative to imply one's flexibility on a subject or lack of staunchness for a particular decision.
dude 1: "Anyone have a preference were we go for dinner?"

dude 2: "Let's go to Wendy's. Not that I'm married to the idea, but a frosty sounds real good right now."

dude 1: "Wendy's it is!"
by joelh April 29, 2008
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She is the most beautiful girl in the world. They make you happy just being around them and anyone would be lucky to have them. They are super funny and have a lot of charm. You will catch feeling that you never thought you had.
Did you see Marrie earlier she’s so cute and has a great personality
by J cans November 16, 2019
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Having a spouse, being joined in matrimony. Having a close union with another person.

The state of being legally wed; can either be heaven or hell (or sometimes both).
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
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A super fun girl with a lot of spunk. She is very outgoing and up for anything. At times she can be a little wild but everyone loves her. She is known for her breath-taking beauty. Most marri's are country girls and like to play in the dirt!
Look at Marri out there rootin in her 4 by 4 raisin hell with the boys.
by Marri Robinson March 14, 2008
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My roommates Tim and Derek are thinking of getting married so they can afford seperate bedrooms.
by theplaidpen January 6, 2018
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The only time in your life in which you can admit not getting sex without blushing.
"I'm married, I haven't had sex in a month" said Lisa. "Ah! I understand" said John.
by tuds January 19, 2009
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Serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole or conjugal visits
"Sir, a quick question from the Census: are you married or happy?"
by the_unknown November 29, 2012
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