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When a woman experiences sudden increases in body temperature and is usually a symptom of menopause.
My mom is having hot flashes
by anjilslaire May 01, 2006
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an embarassing moment where suddenly your face blushes quickly and you can actually feel yourself blush. Sometimes accompanied with a sudden dropping feeling in your stomach.
We were at a party and I figured I could sneak out a fart but just as I did the music stopped and I got a serious hot flash.
by KungFu April 05, 2005
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When a woman has an orgasm that is so pleasurable and intense that she expiriences dizziness and sudden heat.
"When I was with Dick last night, he was so good I had a hot flash orgasm!"
by UtterOrgasmicFailure October 06, 2008
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See 'Kristi Murphy'
"Oh my god!" - Kristi Murphy
"..... huh!?!" - Everyone else
"I'm having a hot flash!" - KM
by Fail-Furniss May 28, 2009
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