Russian nuclear disaster. Capitalist's fault, sold faulty equipement. Cold war conspiracy. HAIL DA MOTHERLAND.
"Chernobly does not reprezent ruzzian problem, Capitalist pigz sell faulty equipement and Chernobyl explozed. I am ruzzian. Szanks."
by Davorgy June 20, 2006
When someone releases so much toxic air through flatulence that it rivals the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.
Can be abbreviated as “Committing a Cherny
“Yo last night, Nick was worse then Chernobyl after that Chinese food

“If you keep committing a Cherny while we’re in this locked room, we might all die”
by Matty Thighs June 20, 2019

Used to describe a terrible disaster or accident relating to anything in one's life, typically academic or relating to a grade.
The chemistry exam was a Chernobyl level disaster. "Good God! That was a Chernobyl level disaster!"
"Bob, I don't feel like that math test went well."
"Well mine was a Chernobyl level disaster."
by The5140 May 13, 2022
A strain of high grade marijuana. Usually runs about 200 - 350 an ounce (varies depending on location and dealer). Kind of hard to find but worth the money. 1 gram can last you a day.
I took two drags off a bowl of Chernobyl and was so high I just sat staring at the television for nearly two hours.
by Symon Sed Smoke July 12, 2006
A once nice city in Russia, which is now a nuclear wasteland. In 1986 a catastrophic accident happened at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, spreading radiation throughout the city, forcing them to evacuate the population of 49,400 people.
In Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, the city of Chernobyl is featured in the missions 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One shot, One kill' and in the online level 'Bloc'.
"Fifty-thousand people used to live here, and now it's a ghost town."
Cpt. MacMillan.
by A7X forever October 5, 2010
Exclamation used on receipt of bad news. Similar to "crikey", "damn" or "shit". Originally from Ukrainian nuclear disaster in 1986.
"Dave's dad has just died. Absolute fucking Chernobyl!"
by lozzo July 27, 2006