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A politically correct way of describing someone with multiple personality disorder
Him: WTF is up with Jill? One minute she's Marsha Brady, the next she's Brittney Spears.
Her: She's a jack of all traits.
by stuartc1 February 08, 2018

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When Donald Trump sticks his head up his own ass to come up with a new Executive Order
Me: We're banning people from Muslim countries? Why?
Him: The President just preformed a Trumponoscopy on himself
by stuartc1 January 30, 2017

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An epic morning fart
Me: What the hell?

Him: Yeah, she lets go with a sheet lifting jammie ghost every morning when she wakes up
by stuartc1 October 26, 2017

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When something is a lot harder than you thought it would be
DJT: Who knew Healthcare could be so complicated

America: Everyone
DJT: This job is a lot harder than I thought it would be
America: You're just experiencing Trumpwork, quit
by stuartc1 April 28, 2017

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To give your opinion on something in a loud and annoying way without bothering to have any facts
Guy 1: Barak Obama was born in Kenya!
Guy 2: Why do you always have to pontrumpicate like that?
by stuartc1 October 24, 2016

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The age before Donald Trump when the earth had a habitable environment and a free press
Me: What is a polar ice cap?
Him: In Pretrumpian times, before the EPA was abolished we had frozen areas on the north and south poles which helped cool the planet
by stuartc1 February 17, 2017

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That feeling that takes hold of you during a bender after an extended period of sobriety.
What's wrong with Joe? He looks different.

He quit drinking for three months and started back with a vengeance last week, it's just a Retox Embrace.
by stuartc1 January 08, 2014

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