Someone who follows the religion of Islam. Due to the actions of Islamic extremists in the past few years they are often stereotyped as terrorists. Most Muslims are peaceful people. Many forms of Islam are strict which is why Muslims dress in certain ways and do not eat things. They believe that their holy book the Qumran is the absolute teachings of God, who they call Allah. They believe that this message was received by the prophet Muhammad. Much like the bible, the Qumran encourages strict punishments to sinners and those who do not worship in the way they consider to be correct. Most Muslims do not act on these beliefs. A very small minority believe in the process of Jihad, which involves forcefully converting non-Muslims to Islam. Groups such as Al-Qaeda believe in this and have come to be seen as the stereotypical terrorists. A popular phrase is that most or all terrorists are Muslim, which is quite untrue. Many terrorists are Christians and other religions. Muslims believe in the rule of God over the rule of man, so many Islamic countries are led by royal families or religious leaders, and dictators. Another belief of Muslims is that the prophet Muhammad should never be depicted. Incidents in which this has happened have resulted in an uproar in the Muslim community, just as anti-Christian acts have caused protests in religiously conservative areas.
People who believe that Muslims are all terrorists have probably never met a Muslim.
Racist Idiot: All Muslims are terrorists. They should be arrested.

Other Guy: Have you ever met a Muslim?

Racist Idiot: No.

Other Guy: Exactly.
by jvovnbambavkfpb neibnae September 7, 2012
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One who submits
Terrorist population:0.0006%
Pray to Allah😉
Hey that Muslim prays wayyyy to much
by Stur October 1, 2016
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Unlike the meanings on here.
Muslim, Is one who practices Islam.
Person 1 : I know nothing about Muslims yet I seem to speak idiot talk.
Person 2: It's fine, Just stop talking illogical shit about my religion and I.

Person 3: Yeah, If you wanna shit on it use actual shit.
by FuckIllogicalPeople June 17, 2017
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A realigeon that believes in god. Search it up in the real dictionary

Muslims should not be critized, for who criticizes, is a fool.

There are terrorist that aren't muslim, but people don't relize it.
by Ishbrown April 1, 2018
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A person who has strong beliefs in the Qur'an and allah and who follows Islam. Muslims are very different from ISIS terrorists. ISIS terrorists do not follow the laws of allah which include not taking another life.
Donald: I hate those idiot Muslims they keep bombing us
Sarah: Muslims aren't terrorists Don, they're very different. Terrorists don't follow Muslim rules or lifestyle.
by Comicphan June 5, 2017
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A person who believes in ALLAH the creature of all being, and in prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him); a person who does not like war nor bombing himself or others, a person who's Wish and biggest dream is world Peace, a person who wishes to spread love and positivity, a person who quite often gets mistaken for having connections with ISIS ( wich he hates and is against everything they do using the name of "Islam", because Muslims are not assassins nor murderers ).
And if anyone thinks the opposite then... I'm SORRY, life should've been better for all of us..
A: did you hear what that Muslim terrorist do?
B: sorry to ask, but who said he has to be a Muslim?! Does all terrorists and murderers have the same ethnicity now?! ALLAH may bless your heart and soul..
by Mim Mam June 19, 2017
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Muslim is the religion of prophet Mohammad and it's the religion of forgiveness and helping others and those who u say about them "terrorist Muslims" Like ISIS there aren't Muslims b\c if they truly are Muslims they won't kill these "TERRORISTS" are really far from being Muslims

I'm a Muslim

I live in Lebanon
I live with Christians
I love them
And I'm not a Terrorist

MUSLIM = Christians
This fact = peace

TERRORISTS are not MUSLIMS even if they say ALLHU AKBAR
by GAL313SHIA January 24, 2015
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