If you meet a Memo, do not let him go. He will treat you like gold, and want you to feel happy all the time. He is cute, very well endowed in the lower areas, and caring. He has the most amazing eyes and the sexiest voice. He can has the ability to calm himself down in a matter of minutes. He will be the best thing in your life guaranteed. I have never met a more amazing man, and I want to spend my life with him.
Memo is the best, treats me like a real man.
by Hannah02 November 21, 2016
Shortened form of Guillermo, which is Spanish for "William". Memo therefore means "Bill" or "Billy".
Jose: Hey Memo! Pass the empanadas!
by Da Truf September 5, 2004
Usually related to someone who’s on another planet. A spanish person will call him in bobo. A person named Eric will usually be a memo.
Eric is literally in memo. I can’t.
by Peanut pie hi January 30, 2020
basically a mexican that dresses like an emo
Dude #1: Yo check out that mexican over there dress in all black.
Dude #2: Thats not mexican, that a memo, a mexican emo. They're rare but they exist
by ShadyGangsta November 23, 2008