1 - A fandom phenomenon, defined when fans of a film or tv series band together to imagine that there is a romantic or sexual connection between characters who have had, in reality, either no interaction or sparse, flat interactions.

Originating from the so-called "Donnie" fandom (a portmanteau of Daryl and Connie) of the AMC TV show The Walking Dead, who insist that 2 characters who have had less than 6 minutes of direct interaction during the course of more than 32 epsiodes spanning 2 years are canonically in love. None of the aired scenes were intimate, sexual, or even particularly personal, thus giving rise to well-earned fandom mocking of the Donnies. Donniers, also known as D-con, are known to be hostile to *Caryl fans, and often attempt to weaponize social media to quell fandom enthusiasm for the 10-year relationship between Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon, who are currently series leads on the The Walking Dead.

2 - A humorously imaginary thing. Wishful thinking.

Despite a severe lack of shared screen time, the character of Daryl Dixon has said that he and Connie are both part of a larger family of survivors, but denied any romantic feelings for her with the words; "It's not like that. Not at all." It can, as of Season 10, be safely assumed that they are more like cousins, in-laws, or other non-immediate family relations.

* Angela Kang, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead has publicly stated that Carol and Daryl are soulmates.
Dude, your fandom is so Donnie. Those two haven't even met!

Those two haven't spoken one sentence to each other in the show. That ship is a total Donnie.

He's never going to ask you out, stop being such a Donnie!
Your boat sank? Must be a Donnie.
by Tanoth July 23, 2020
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Donnie is an amazing guy. He is sweet, genuine, and not afraid to be different. He can be a little socially awkward at first but is amazing once you get to know him. He is a shorter guy which makes him more lovable. When he is in a relationship he gives that person his all. If you find a donnie, never let him go.
Man 1: dude I met this guy today and he was awesome

Man 2: was his name donnie?!

Man 1: YES!
by Fluffyass92 November 27, 2018
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Completly awesome, you'd be lucky if you had a Donnie.
Donnie is SO hawt
by --april angel January 13, 2009
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A very gorgeous girl. Along side being beautiful, she is very unique in many different ways and is the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with because of how naturally funny, loving, caring and beautiful she is. She really is an amazing girl.
Person 1) Oh wow look at Donnie, she’s so beautiful
Person 2) She really is a stunner
by Harrisonlevi April 4, 2021
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Donnie can come off a little mean and he won't open up at first, so just try and be his friend. Donnie's r caring and rlly fun to be around. People think he's a player but he's not he will love u unconditionally if u let him and once u do he will let u love him don't hurt him though he's fragile. If u ever meet a Donnie get to know them, if u r ever friends with a Donnie stay in touch and actually be his friend, if u r ever lucky enough to be his girl don't break his heart and be there for him.
Girl 1: Ima break up with Donnie today

Girl 2: Y? What did he do?
Girl 1: Nothing.
Girl 2: Then y break up with him? He's so sweet, kind, hot, and the best bf ever.

Girl 1: I only wanted him to break him
Girl 2: U can't do that to a Donnie
by single sadly January 12, 2021
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a man of distinguished courage and ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

an intelligent man with stunning good looks, and raw physical talent.

an omnipotent man capable of crushing others both mentally and physically by will alone.

a Donnie enjoys sports, beers, and women.

a man who gets his coffee refilled by others.
On the 3rd day God turned to Donnie and said " Hey man, what do I do next?"

That amazing play of the year it was so Donnie man!

That man who saved those people, he's a Donnie!

Hey, get Donnie a coffee.

See Hero God Superman
by whataguy306 April 12, 2010
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a sweet, smart, matue, funny, kind of guy and knows a lot about certain things and blinded by others.... likes the outdoors and knows how to treat someone right
by superwoman597 November 28, 2011
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