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He is an amazing being. Fun spirited and full of love. Committed, dedicated, and hardworking. You will question the last decade of your life, and where you stand today. Hard to compare to; there is no comparison. He's genuine, loyal, and compassionate. He loves with all of his tremendous heart. Expresses kindness to everyone. Sees no flaws, and accepts and embraces imperfection. He's exciting, and loves to share in his experiences with others, illustrating and guiding with his history and adventures.

He loves like no other. Your body will float on clouds. He will have you crazed and yearning for him daily. His hands will caress your soul. His kiss will make you melt, into him. He will reach within you so thoroughly, intensely, embracing spots never known to exist. You'll question if he truly exists. You'll doubt yourself, and that you've ever truly been loved prior to being loved by him.

Perfection at its best. It gets no better than him. There is no better than him.
I don't know how I've lived without Donnie.
Everyone should know a Donnie.
Be a Donnie.
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by TurtlesShell19 October 18, 2019
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a man of distinguished courage and ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

an intelligent man with stunning good looks, and raw physical talent.

an omnipotent man capable of crushing others both mentally and physically by will alone.

a Donnie enjoys sports, beers, and women.

a man who gets his coffee refilled by others.
On the 3rd day God turned to Donnie and said " Hey man, what do I do next?"

That amazing play of the year it was so Donnie man!

That man who saved those people, he's a Donnie!

Hey, get Donnie a coffee.

See Hero God Superman
by whataguy306 April 12, 2010
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a sweet, smart, matue, funny, kind of guy and knows a lot about certain things and blinded by others.... likes the outdoors and knows how to treat someone right
by superwoman597 November 28, 2011
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to get very high by smoking the reefer
Guy: How come you missed your frist day at school?

Girl: I was so donnie last night that I even for got what a school is...
by pooponyou August 04, 2005
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To get high, stoned, blasted, tore up, etc...
Man, I was so donnie last night from smoking weed i couldn't even move.
by pooponyou July 21, 2005
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