Man, I don't know what's going on with Trump's administration but MAGA.
by Ma'in September 15, 2018
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"Investigating my crimes is the biggest witch hunt in history. MAGA" - Donald Trump
by MysticalPhloyd October 7, 2018
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Do MAGA supporters have rage issues?
by TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky November 8, 2022
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A domestic terror group mainly prominent in southern America. The group mainly consists of people who believe the Q-Anon conspiracy and members of the Proud Boys organization, another domestic terror group. MAGA is know for endorsing Donald Trump.
MAGA mounted a coup attempt at the U.S. capitol on January 6, 2021.

MAGA is planning another attack on January 19, 2021.
by certifiedmeatmuncher January 10, 2021
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An American Nazi who betrayed their country by supporting the domestic terrorist Donald J Trump.
The citadel of American democracy was under siege by the rabid MAGA mob.
by Tipsy79 January 11, 2021
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