Man, I don't know what's going on with Trump's administration but MAGA.
by Ma'in September 15, 2018
"Investigating my crimes is the biggest witch hunt in history. MAGA" - Donald Trump
by MysticalPhloyd October 7, 2018
A good way of describing the Trump Administration is MAGA (Morons Are Governing America).
by Dumpatrumpa August 28, 2019
a word used in the campaign of trump, signals neo nazis and white supremacists
neo nazi: MAGA!!!!
anyone else: ah he must be a nazi
by blehhh nmuu November 28, 2018
Hebrew expression that is a part of the Israeli semi-secret martial art Krav Maga encompassing all the supernatural/metaphysical aspect of the discipline ("Krav", which means "cow" in Slavic languages", is a summary expression of all the physical/muscular/material aspect of the discipline). Not to be confused with a slang phrase "craft maga" used by RPG players internationally to express a magic user's improvised play of often questionable legality. ("By using Magic Missiles to trigger the US AWACS and starting the WW3, our Bright Wizard has crafted the most outrageous maga I have ever seen").
"Krav, Krav, Maga-Maga, Maga-Maga, Krav Krav!" - a chant used by Krav Maga adepts to alter planetary orbits into a collision course in order to bury their enemies alive under heaps of rubble.
by Kamamura June 12, 2020