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Park Jimin's new song from the BTS comeback trailer that will make you cry tears of happiness because of how beautiful it is.
"hey, have you listened to the song 'Serendipity?!!'
by jhooooope September 04, 2017
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A very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.
It was serendipity that I put one quarter in the gumball machine and three came out. :-)
by Clarrissa Langley May 04, 2004
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Serendipity is a word which means β€˜a place where you can be yourself, or feel at home’
In BTS’ Intro for Love Yourself: Her, Park Jimin sings Serendipity, talking about his loved one, how he longs to meet them and be with them.

Knowing this song was written by Kim Namjoon, Yoonmin’s official ship captain, and the emphasis on the color yellow throughout the MV, the color of the Yoonmin ship chosen by Jimin and SUGA (the couple), it is believed the song may be talking about their own relationship.
β€œYou know.” -Park Jimin to Min Yoongi
β€œI know.” - Min Yoongi to Park Jimin

β€œYou know, I know.” - Serendipity
by calico_cat May 30, 2018
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The action of making happy discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of some thing not initially in quest of.
'I lost a needle in a hay stack last week, however whilst looking for it I found the farmers daughter' - I had to consider this (as she was pretty and willing) a stroke of serendipity.
by Vandal Savage May 21, 2008
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Something pleasant or useful found while looking for something else. Inspired by a Persian fairy story, "The Three Princes of Serendip".
I initially wanted to date Moira, but she turned out to be an awful bore and she snorted when she laughed, which I can't stand. She did however get me in touch with a car dealer who makes really cool custom cars, top quality and dirt cheap, three of which I bought within a year. That was a real piece of serendipity.
by Fearman April 09, 2008
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