Apr 17 Word of the Day
Dejagoo is the strange feeling that you've been in this sticky situation before. It is dejavu due to goo. Usual symptoms are shivers down once's spine followed by disgust, especially if actual goo is involved.
Dude I like just like stepped in doggy doodoo. And i was like, oh dude this feels familiar. Then I remembered that I like stepped in pup poo like last weekend too. Surreal man, it was like total dejagoo.
by Hukra March 14, 2009
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That weird guy who somehow always loses his shoelaces...

Hem hem
Guy:Hi, Mr. President! Love your shoelaces

The President:Thanks, they're new. Someone keeps stealing them...
by September 14, 2020
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Someone, somehow worse, then George W. Bush

A silly goose!
Timothy: wow, did you see The President? He is such a retard! Timothot: No, he is the definition of a retard.
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by Idon'tmakerealposts October 12, 2018
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What Hillary Clinton is NOT.
I believed all the polls but after this election Hillary is still not The President. I heard her screaming all the way out here in Hawaii.
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by dibula August 01, 2020
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