No longer permitted.
Using ampersands in usernames has been disallowed.
by Kiko February 2, 2004
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G1:aite pho, you wanna farsh mine for neighbours later?
G2:nah man, disallow that
by Anonymous September 4, 2003
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1)To reject a statement/idea/proposal from a wasteman and to encourage said fool to look at himself and man the fuck up.

2) To cast a downing judgement on a fool's actions.
Wasteman: This party sounds hectic but I say we go to my nans, she cooks up a mean steak casserole.

Safeman: *kiss gums* Blud you trippin, disallow yourself.

Wasteman: Aight, Halle Berry would get it, but if you catch Rosie Odonnell from the right angle, I swear to ja I would happily poke her.

Safeman: Be easy nigga! step down. Think 'bout wha chu sayin' foo'. Dat bitch is stacked out. Disallow yourself.

Wasteman: *Gets his ankles broken in basketball match*

Safeman: 'memba I told chu, tell your friends and disallow yourself.
by Alski007 February 21, 2009
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It's the negative prefix of allowed. We shouldn't say the word unallowed. It's supposed to be disallowed.
You are disallowed to cuss at us, asshole.
by -Shiloh- April 20, 2017
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