Phrase used in the movie Revenge of The Nerds. Translated, it means "God your such a slut"
When Carl found that his wife was cheating on him he exclaimed,"God you're like a goat!"
by Kailyn! January 3, 2008
the noise when a disgusting man has sex
I was having sex and he like grunting like a goat
by DT94 April 23, 2016
Richard: "Camila please, I can't eat more, I am bloated like a goat ready for slaughter"
Camila: "Richard! Can you never go down on me without talking about slaughtering animals?"
by itwasworththis April 6, 2022
When something is occurring that is quite grandiose or even just plain crazy.
As it was snowing hard outside and visibility was poor, Todd exclaimed, "It's snowing like a goat!"
by GlenYudismaki February 21, 2014