Fuck Buddy. A person who are having casual sex with on a regular basis, but are not involved in a romantic relationship with.
We aren't a couple, she's just my fb.
by Asher April 13, 2005
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Jake is such an FB.
by Dustyturtle January 10, 2015
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1: Facebook
2: Fucking Bitch
3: Fuck Buddy
4: Finger Bang
1: Hey did you see Alex's profile on fb??
2: Who does that fb think she is?
3: That chick over there is my fb.
4: My husband fb me before we went to sleep.
by MehRoxz July 15, 2011
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What you type into google if you're too lazy to type the eight letters required to search "facebook".
Ugh, 8 letters is going to take forever...my hand hurts..." "Have no fear, type just 2 letters and you'll be socially networking in no time!" "Thank god for abbreviations! FB!
by Raskihottie11 May 26, 2011
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"Come on man, you've been hittin' up that FB status all day."
by Mos before Bros April 17, 2007
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Fucked Borrower. Very widely used in real estate blogs and informal circles. Refers to a formerly credit-rich but resource-strapped consumer who's collateral, savings, and foreseeable future income are below the value and terms of a loan they cannot sustain, refinance, or renegotiate. FB's face a bleak future of certain losses, and nearly certain bankruptcy, credit destruction, and long term cascading/follow-on financial and opportunity losses.
All those FBs and their greedy idiot lenders who bought houses with 100% down NINJA adjustable-rate mortgages in the so-called housing boom are dropping like flies!
by esmith512 January 10, 2008
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