Clawing your way out of the depths of drunken hell and rejoining the party in full-on pimp style.
Person 1: "Did you see babyglo rally like a champ last night?"
Person 2: "Yeah, and she managed to find her sunglasses!"
by SamKram October 5, 2006
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When the car is specifically made to go vroom vroom fast on all type of ground surface. It will go vroom fast over bumps, it will go vroom droft handbreak on corners
Rally is fast (`・ω・´)
by JapaneseGaurd August 8, 2019
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The state/ mode one must force themselves & their body into in order to truly keep it real and represent. Usually happens after your boy calls you up 2 hours after you just got in and were finally able pass out. After you hang up, you lay there for good 2-3 minutes (where it be your bed, bathroom floor, couch, kitchen counter, hood of your car, front lawn, etc.) debating on whether or not it will all be worth it. It is possible to pass out at this point but only for a short while because the fucker next door decided he was going to mow his gosh damn lawn.

At this point you realize it is hopeless and you must at this time go into rally mode because you also realize that you roll deep and must live up to not only the expectations others have for you to bring debauchery to the party but, the expectations that you have for yourself in that you ain't no damn pussy, bitch ass.

So with that, you wash your face, look at yourself in the mirror shake your head and realize that you may want to smoke a bowl to settle your stomach. Then you get some damn matter what time of the day it is.

**Note** You can't say, "Dude I'm straight Rallying right now" or "I'm totally in Rally mode" unless at least 2 nights in a row of hardcore partying have just taken place where and the sun is up before you even get back to your place.

Could also be a full 24 hour debauchery scene. When this is the case, usually you rally 2 times, sometimes more (depending on the person) with in that 24 hour period.

RALLY #1: After you've puked a little from all those shots trying to get your initial drunk on, you realize you are more hard core than a little puke in your you keep going.

RALLY #2: Occurs after you've passed out in the bathroom with your pants around your ankles and either wake up feeling like a million bucks or do whatever you can to get yourself to feel like a million bucks (i.e. more alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.). Then you just keep going.

Person #2: Shit....this fool already?!...Hello?

Person #1: Yo dude what up!?

Person #2: WTF?! Shit.....Dude, why the hell am I in my backyard sleeping on the lawn chair?

Person #1: Hell if I know. Listen fool...we gotta RALLY! Stop acting like a tool, pull your shit together and meet me at my place by 7:30 tonight....WE GETTIN FUCKED UP TONIGHT!!!!

Person #2: Son of a bitch dude....shit. Alright dawg. See you then...peace.

Person #1: Late

*Hangs up phone*

by weezy_beezy May 13, 2009
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Rallying is a format of motorsport in which competitors race through different sections of road, one at a time against the clock. Rallying can be done on tarmac which is for softcocks, or ultra-slick smooth gravel.

Notable Rallies: New Zealand, fast gravel. Finland - massive jumps. Germany - Fast narrow roads. RAC Rally - notable because it should have been dropped. Australia - Because drivers hit kangaroos.

Best Drivers to date: Loeb, Solberg.
Best Car: Citreon Xsara, Focus WRC.

A format of motorsport that will never appeal to Americans because it doesn't market itself on collosal accidents, and is infact a true world in it visits most continents as opposed to world series baseball.

A showcase for some of the greatest drivers on earth. Used to run cars with 900HP until tragic accident ended category.

However rallies have become more homosexual with their shorter formats, which detracts from the overall hardness of the sport.
McColl: Are we cruising to RNZ'04?
Sloan: Why yes, my chocolate brown brother, a capital idea.
by sloanie December 29, 2005
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When one makes sexual acts to another in any manner which is enjoyable for each party.
Hey man, last night I totally rallied her.

I really could use a good rally right now.
by immiked May 15, 2009
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A wonderful weekend held anywhere for Unity kids, or YOU. Most commonly includes DOWPs (dances of world peace) zeal shops, and family groups.
"Katie, where are you going this weekend?"
"Rally Dude!!!"
by eitak_renfieh June 26, 2013
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