48 definitions by spencer

The sound made by those lacking the intellect necessary to form intelligible words.
Staring at him blankly, totally crushed by his words, beaw suddenly screeched from his lips with an aggressive anger over having been so easily shown up.
by spencer April 29, 2003
A large, 4-armed humanoid with a hunger for human suffering. His ability (more like the aggressive implementation of his want) to vote as many times as possible was the cause of the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004. Many have banded together in the past in an attempt to stop him, but have always chickened out. I mean, who's going to even say something to him? He's fucking Goro for christ's sake!
Goro is selling gift-wrap to raise money for his high school class. I bought as much as I could afford, and he still trashed my yard.
by spencer January 2, 2005
Don't make me kick you in the nads, Beavis.
by spencer February 2, 2003
Scrapping ones tongue on another’s upper front teeth; similar to eating an artichoke
Hey girl, lemme give you an artichoke kiss
by spencer August 3, 2021
a wierd ass name for the coolest girl in the world who shouldnt live in ny so she can be with me cus shes the BOMB
zokeedokie, how wierd, an ugly name for a hot girl
by spencer October 3, 2004