48 definitions by spencer

a catholic school, located between cary and raleigh, the guys are hot and they know it, the girls are hot and they have style unlike all the slutty ravencroft girls who only wear polos and pearls, the school is so small that everyone shares hook ups, everyone is so loaded with money that drugs are not a problem, their rivals are ravenscroft who really arent better in sports they just slip money to the refs before games, our cheerleaders have been nationally ranked the past like 10 years, soccer team is amazing, football is getting better, and no one can compete with the cross country team
Dude those cadinal gibbons girls are hot.
by spencer April 23, 2005
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Scrapping ones tongue on another’s upper front teeth; similar to eating an artichoke
Hey girl, lemme give you an artichoke kiss
by spencer August 02, 2021
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I crefted his bass tube.
I want to creft his XR3i.
They are crefting my tv
by spencer February 01, 2003
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Someone who bakes the cock.
Such as a regular baker bakes bread.
Can I please have a loaf of cock? and knob roll. I'll also take those hamburger buns with that cock in the middle.
by spencer December 21, 2004
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Humorous insult.
Best used towards very camp, yet heterosexual men.
Shut up cockrocker
by spencer February 01, 2003
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1. smell given off by unwashed bobbys helmet.
2. lardy arsed police officer with por socila skills.
See also "Ginger get" as in "Cheesy, you Ginger get!!"
by spencer October 02, 2003
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A big massive penis.... usually used for a pogo stick
Dude, i been bouncing on my 4 footer lately....
by spencer January 05, 2004
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