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48 definitions by Spencer

"My god, look at her majumbos, they're huge."
by Spencer February 3, 2004
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That certain thing about a girl. Usually a girl with schmink is brunette, and not often recognised as attractive. Office girls tend to have more schmink than their counterparts. 'Secretary style glasses' tend to add to it, although there is no exact formula for the realisation of schmink.
This girl has a lot of schmink.
She is so fuckin' schminky dude!
by Spencer February 1, 2003
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Segment of pubic hair that has been cut in the shape of a long line, sometimes two. Is sometimes reffered to as "the landing strip".
"Juanita got that strip."
by Spencer February 24, 2005
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a sweet nothing is a complementary statement with no real substance, usually whispered into the ear of a significant other.

Most likely invented by the French...
He whispered sweet nothings into her ear until she let him f'dunk her
by Spencer August 16, 2004
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The coolest girl around..very sexy..also see smart,funny,epic and awesome.
woah she be taelin'

that girl is so taelin'
by Spencer August 15, 2004
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