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A large, 4-armed humanoid with a hunger for human suffering. His ability (more like the aggressive implementation of his want) to vote as many times as possible was the cause of the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004. Many have banded together in the past in an attempt to stop him, but have always chickened out. I mean, who's going to even say something to him? He's fucking Goro for christ's sake!
Goro is selling gift-wrap to raise money for his high school class. I bought as much as I could afford, and he still trashed my yard.
by spencer January 02, 2005
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If a thing is buff, it is a buffting. 'ting' being London garage slang for 'thing'*
Err, that bird down twerton park was a right buffting.

*"it's a London ting"
by spencer February 01, 2003
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A funny show, I love it!

people are trying to get they're point across that it is a bad show or that it steals from the Simpsons, which is a show i also like. People if you think it sucks why even bother taking the time to whine about it here, if you think people who watch it are stupid, then good for you, and know you're smarter for not caring or watching the show, If you love family guy , doesn't mean you have to make others like it to. sure you can love it and watch it, i do , and if you dont like it, don't watch it.
Family guy is so cool

I KNOW !!!!!!!!!!
by spencer June 17, 2006
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Very similar to a Dirty Sanchez - Reaming a chick from behind (doggy-style) and then rimming her asshole with two fingers with which you run it (fecal matter and all) under her nose as to make a moustache with one finger, while the other shit-covered finger runs under her lower lip. Then, you rim the girl's ass again, and this time, you run both fingers down the side of her mouth down to her chin, making the girl look like a Kung Fu star.
I couldn't stop laughing after I gave your sister a dirty Fu Man Chu - she looked like she liked it.
by spencer June 20, 2003
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1.erotic tale.
2.Talking about fucking.
The Canterbury Tales featured many a fuck monologue.

I know he banged that girl with a j-lo going on. He went on a twenty minute fuck monologue!
by spencer February 03, 2003
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A very good computer hacker, and gamer, he hacked a terminal. He loves his mommy and dog.
check out this hacker, he hacks like fulk
by spencer March 02, 2004
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a Romanian sex-pot.
that Caius, he's such a Romanian sex-pot.
by spencer January 03, 2004
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