a horrible, preppy private school filled with snobby girls and preppy, goody two shoes guys.
hell with ralph lauren playing satan
by william January 21, 2005
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a nasty prep school, sucks at most everything, cant do crap on their new ftball field.
one thing 41-28 ftball..gibbons victory
by rita February 25, 2005
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Also, illegally recruits athlets in sports such as basketball and football, by reclassifying them....aka 5th year seniors
by tony yayo February 6, 2005
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umm dont be hatin on the croft yes i agree MOST of us are very snobby and rich true but its not like we do anything to you i mean all in good fun right just a little school rivalries..as for the illgerally recruting 5th year seniors...umm i go there and know every one of the seniors and all of them ahev only been in high school for 4 years dumbasses and yea we may not be the greatest at sprots but gibbons cant talk bc we own them in basketball like this year we killed you guys i mean kkiiilllleeddd. And you beat us in football once!!! nice try
Wanna find a TRUE PREP with the polos rainbows and aviators come take a look at the croft NOT gibbons they have to wear uniforms which do not include polos!!!!!
by realprep March 22, 2005
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A gay ass school that continually refills its ranks with good for nothing preppy faggots. highest collection of mommas boys in the South. Ravenscroft is also known for some of the ugliest cheerleaders in the world who contnually take their note taking pen and paper when they have a chance to watch the Crusaders cheerleaders. Horrible in sports, except the ones in which the buy players. all occupants officially douchebags.
take a look at anyone of the range rover, m3 driving douches
by bill gooden February 19, 2005
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home to faggots with big ego's like the one posted in deffinition 5. Your not richer than us, your parents are, and ur deffinatly not more athletically inclined rofl, ive seen the special olympics teams play better games than ravenscroft
ravenscroft is for faggots.
by ethreats March 5, 2005
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everyone who goes to ravenscroft is needs to use all that "more money" they have to get plastic surgery because they are ALL ugly as shit.
to see how gay ravenscroft people are, just refer to the earlier definitions written by them.
by caanrnliye May 2, 2005
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