A City in South-East England. With a Cathedral. And some parks. And a lotta buses. And 2 Waterstone's that are back to back with each other, which is pointless!
Bruv, you live in Canterbury wiv the big Cafedrull and stuff?
by Stuzzagal July 8, 2011
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A item, thing or person that looks exceptionally poor and british.
"Ayo dog that gun be looking canterbury as fuck!"
by Just another internet nigga April 26, 2021
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An elite school of the arts. Many teenagers are locally sent there, but there is an insane competition to transfer there to join their arts program. They accept few people, when hundreds apply. A beautiful but dying old school that sounds better than it is.

Several internationally famous Canadian singers have attended Canterbury, including Alannis Morisette.
I really wanted to get into Canterbury, the school of the arts.
by Jennifer February 28, 2005
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Canterbury is a place in kent which is full of Chavy teenagers who thinks they are hard but are really just thriving cunts and will rob any bike or even a wheelie bin that you leave out of your site. If your an outsider you will try to be dragged into the Chavy lifestyle. If your unlucky enough to have beef with one of the local gypsies you will probably not leave alive.
Do you remember that time we went to Canterbury an got robbed by the local chavs.
by Bathtub2000 January 1, 2018
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1. the most retarded college prepertory school in the universe.

2. they put gates around the school because they have so much extra money

3. The teachers will kill you if you dont listen to them.
mr. phimister watched as the kid walked helplessly down the hall then he pounced.. and grabbed the kid and taunted him until he cried cuz we all know mr phimister grades 2 hard
by ...hmmm... December 6, 2003
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a hole of a suburb in sydney, australia. There is nothing there....nothing at all. History tells us that Canterbury used to extend out to the nearby suburbs of punchbowl and marrickville, but they all eventually realised how shit it was and broke away. is due to recive an upgrading in the next couple of years.
person one: hey where do you live?
person two: umm..ahh..(whispers) canterbury
person one:oh my god! you poor devil!, dont worry mate, i wont spread it around.
by eimear111 June 12, 2007
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