Knob <n>
1) The penis
2) An obnoxious person

To Knob <v>
3) The act of (hard) intercourse

See also knob-head
1) "Jimothy has a humongous knob!"
2) "Kevin is an absolute knob."
3) "Daryll knobbed Lucy after dinner."
by Stuart Fletcher November 1, 2004
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Jake: "So...How was it?"
Alyssa: "Jeremy?"
Jake: "Yeah, I saw you guys walk out the club together!"
Alyssa: "Oh....His knob was small."
Jake: "Dang..."
by I don't March 9, 2018
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British slang for male genitalia, likely originating from the knobby nature of the end. Can be used as an insult.
'You're such a knob!'

'And then he whipped his knob out.'
by DankBonkRipper69 February 8, 2018
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The name that is given to an individual that is being a complete moron, idiot or dumb-ass. Also lacking in common sense.
Bob: Man you see that Lakers game?
Derek: Yeah bro.
Bob: Man I love hockey.
Derek to Lindsey: Whaaaaatta knob.
by seizing November 14, 2009
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Ian keeps astounding us with his ability to be a knob ..
by The marone ramone , July 4, 2013
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Man 1: my knobs getting infected

Man 2: poor thing
by IK e August 1, 2018
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1; someone who is a complete and utter pillock. Is far from a likeable character and has an IQ drowned so much in negativity that they can't possibly realise how much of a belching vagina they are. What a knob

2; a projecting part, usually round, forming the handle of a door. Symbollock of a swollen testicle. From the latin <i> swoolen testicle a knobi</i>

3;Now this one is a bit naughty kiddies. Is also a slang term commonly used to refer to the male genetalia.
Translation; "what a fucking knob" : "what a fucking male genital" (the male 'package' consitsing of a scrotum and a penis)
by Christostorous III October 5, 2006
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