One person speaking alone, often to more than one other person without expected comment
Jay Leno might as well have a dialogue, since his band leader always laughs at the jokes that bomb and then continues to talk to Jay to make up for the silence afterwards
by larstait October 30, 2003
A cheese Sandwich with mayonnaise. A staple of the White Trash, Redneck, Blue Collar, Stoner, or Skater Diet.


-A double-stacked monologue is a dialog
-A series of monologues can feed one or many
-A monologue with miracle whip is not a monologue at all.
If you'll excuse me, I need to prepare myself a monologue with extra fiber for later.
by DJ PunKtuality April 5, 2011
The present tense/active form of monologued. The act of delivering an involved stream-of-consciousness exposition or explanation, usually in an overly dramatic fashion, that completely halts the conversation. Like in a book or movie where the action screeches to a halt so the character can stand and deliver a huge load of backstory or explanation. Not always TMI or a rant, although those can be forms of monologuing.
Man, she just started monologuing and it was all over.
by Me Thinking February 29, 2008
Talking to yourself .

It could be internal or out loud.
I'm preparing a monologue for tomorrow's acting audition.
by Banana spoon December 14, 2018
A one-person speech. Often used to express such emotions as love or sorrow. I use them to explain how much I am in love with this girl. They are popular in plays throughout history. One very famous monologue is Hamlet's "To be or not to be" speech.
I just wrote her a new monologue. Too bad she likes a jerkface. This one is about how I couldn't live without's not as cliche as it sounds.
by Alex J. Burton November 20, 2009
To be ambushed and forced to listen to a loud, eccentric, sometimes scary monologue. Established during Towerhill 's evening of the arts, made famous by a hippie monologue speaking of P.O.T. and pain in the groin
Ashley monologued me when I was just standing there. I was so freaked out.
by THS4eva May 12, 2005
Bogarting the conversation non-stop to where no-one else can get a word in.
"Calen, you're Monologueing us. Quit talking and go to the pot store already.
by Vinny Go Go May 18, 2018