48 definitions by spencer

The coolest girl around..very sexy..also see smart,funny,epic and awesome.
woah she be taelin'

that girl is so taelin'
by spencer August 15, 2004
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Segment of pubic hair that has been cut in the shape of a long line, sometimes two. Is sometimes reffered to as "the landing strip".
"Juanita got that strip."
by spencer February 24, 2005
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a sweet nothing is a complementary statement with no real substance, usually whispered into the ear of a significant other.

Most likely invented by the French...
He whispered sweet nothings into her ear until she let him f'dunk her
by spencer August 16, 2004
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Scrapping ones tongue on another’s upper front teeth; similar to eating an artichoke
Hey girl, lemme give you an artichoke kiss
by spencer August 02, 2021
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Someone who bakes the cock.
Such as a regular baker bakes bread.
Can I please have a loaf of cock? and knob roll. I'll also take those hamburger buns with that cock in the middle.
by spencer December 21, 2004
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Humorous insult.
Best used towards very camp, yet heterosexual men.
Shut up cockrocker
by spencer February 01, 2003
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A person who has or is having sexual intercourse with a bitch. A bitch being a female dog, or incredibly grumpy woman.
Mum: Would you like to go to the beach today?
Bitchfucker: Will there be bitches there?
Mum: But of course.
Bitchfucker: Let's get moving.
by spencer December 19, 2004
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