When someone disrespects you and you in turn burn their ass, they must recognise.
A "Did you really use a fun font?"
B "Yeah"
C "Hey i like this curly font"
B "Ha, see? RECOGNISE!"


A "Ok, I recognise"
by Thomyorkeismylover February 28, 2009
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recognize, take note of particular familiar characteristics
It is wise to recognise basic facts!
Recognise achievement, peace, liberty and prosperity.
Principle of introduction recognises candid movement.
by Hercolena Oliver January 23, 2009
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When someone makes a smart ass and/or tries to joke on you, and you in turn reply/joke on them. You must say " Recognise"afterwards. They in turn say "ok I recognise"
Dude: " Yea thats why your ugly"
You: :"Yea thats why I have a girl, and you dont"
You"Boom. Recognise"
by bigcat13 July 11, 2010
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Bharat. She recognized Bangla Desh on 6 Dec 1971 around 11 AM.

Several newspapers including The New York Times, The Irish Times, Asian News Service, The Bangladesh Observer, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and so on.
Bangladesh was helped by Bharat in all cases at 1971 War and became the first country to recognise Bangladesh.
by typical Indian October 14, 2023
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