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The art of inhaling large amounts of fumes from burning cannabis leaves. Mastering this art requires hours of assiduous practice.
"I don't wanna say that Ted smokes a lot of weed, but he's got a black belt in Tae Bong Do, y'know what I'm saying?"
by smendler April 21, 2010
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Abbreviated use of the phrases "because of (noun)" or "because it's (adjective)"
"Why'd you go to her party, if you don't like her?"
"Because cake."

"I must have this new gadget! Why? Because awesome!"
by smendler April 18, 2013
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What follows a satisfying session of phone sex
Despite being thousands of miles apart, Sam and Jo treasured the time they spent in phone afterglow, gazing into their screens as though they were face to face.
by smendler March 13, 2018
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"Oh Fuck, It's Monday Again." (or "Oh Fuck, It's Monday Already.")

The counterpoint to TGIF.

Variants: GDIMA, OSIMA, etc.
Ted had a sign in his cubicle. One side said "TGIF", the other side said "OFIMA".
by smendler March 18, 2013
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Any blowhard conservative talk show host; someone who pushes a lot of hot air from only one direction. Generally aggressive, egotistical, and disrespectful of anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints.
"Oh God, that Limbaugh, he is such a rightwinder!"
by smendler June 8, 2009
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When the AI (artificial intelligence) in your phone starts to forget things.
"Siri, call my mom."
"Who? I'm sorry - what? I don't think I know the number..."
"Oh my God, are you getting AI-zheimers or what?"
by smendler June 17, 2016
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