A feeling of total elation and happiness, for any reason. Most often people feel ecstatic at good news, as it is a breif emotion, lasting seconds or minutes at most.
The boy was ecstatic that the girl had agreed to go out with him.

The student was ecstatic, as they had just passed their exams.
by Kazeem December 6, 2007
feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.

it has the same meaning with happy.
“ecstatic fans cant wait to see their favourite artists to win an award
by edntsh December 27, 2017
A person that is happy or excited. Another word for joyful and can be used in different ways.
Jayden was very ecstatic when he won his soccer tournament.
by Nathen.v24 February 10, 2019
To become ecstatic in full force over a very short time due to a pleasing sight or sound.
"I become very ecstatized when I see Dane Cook on the television."

"Tragically Hip is coming to Hamilton tomorrow and I am going to see them. Their song "Lonely End of The Rink" makes me very ecstatized!"
by TilICollapse February 6, 2007
The surge of energy upon catching a glance from someone you like, a thrill leaving you with the desire to chase after the one you saw; also, a song by Squarepusher
The ecstatic shock I felt when we bumped into each other in the hallway is a feeling I hope never goes away.
by R3nNyx January 13, 2019
I went to pick up my date at her parents house. They were reassured when they saw I was driving an ecstatic consent van. They knew their daughter was going out with a respectable guy.
by James Jessenfedden May 17, 2022
So amazingly excited that your intelligence, and often reasonableness, suffers as a result.
"You excited to graduate?"
"Super pumped!!!! like..... dumb ecstatic!!!!"
by JZoblog May 6, 2010