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A country in the Middle East. One of the few NON Arabic countries in the Middle East. They are actually Persian, not Arab, so don't get confused. 1950-1960 Good times in Iran where the mood was western like here. After the revolution, it turned into a chaotic land. Hopefully it will be restored to what it used to be, someday.
Iran is a country of beuty, spoiled by its government.
by Andrew August 15, 2003
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Iran is desert? Shows how much you fucking know about it eh?
Iran is known for its huge variations in terrain. The Mountains, Grasslands, Caves, Jungles, Rivers and Deserts are all in Iran
by Dr Darius October 24, 2003
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all the fuckers who are insulting the good people of iran:
fuck off.
1) iran is not ARABIAN, it is persian.
2) do not call us "terrorists"; we are people with rich culture and beautiful land.

3) At least mention the government when insulting iran; there are good people, but the radical religion in the country is making fuckers like you turn against the hardworking people of iran.
4) don't even start trying to insult what we look like. We are a beautiful race. Maybe you americans should look in a mirror. I mean honestly, your people are approximately four hundred pounds.

I am offended and insulted by the trash that you put up about persians and iran. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
by defender! January 20, 2010
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On behalf of all Americans I wish to apologize for the 1953 coup d'Γ©tat of Mohammad Mossadeq and replacing his fairly elected administration with the hated Shah that ruled with an iron fist because Mossadeq simply nationalized his nation's oil.
If the 1953 Iran coup never happened, Iran wouldn't be a mess.
by david smith, jr. May 10, 2008
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1: A hit song by 80s new wave rockers A Flock of Seagulls 2: What Urban Dictionary employees do when they see a hot chick.
I am so queer that I Ran when the attractive female wanted to have sex with me said the gay man that works for urban dictionary. He also said that he is one of many gay men that work for urban dictionary. He said you have to be a fag or a girl to work for urban dictionary.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 12, 2017
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a country that was once great and has been twisted by their fundamentalist leaders. america will not invade iran. the government of iran is americas enemy, not the people.
iran is located in the middle east, and was once a more western, free country.
by yankee May 03, 2005
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