The rules you create to get over a breakup.

1. Don't pick up the phone. You know she's/he's only calling 'cus he's/she's drunk and alone.
2. Don't let him/her in. You'll have to kick him/her out again.
3. Don't be his/her friend. You know you're gunna wake up in his/her bed in the morning.
4. If you're under him/her, you ain't getting over them.
Dua Lipa: "I've got new rules, I count them."
by P@ttern August 15, 2017
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A community-made rule common in almost all RP servers in the popular standalone mod Garry's Mod

Each time you die you start a new life--all your previous memories are lost.

It is the most important Roleplaying rule of them all, it is what keeps the game at RP level. It would not be fun if a crook kills a cop and that same cop returns over and over again.

Though a lot of admins and players have problems making MingeBags understand and follow this rule.
by Glazastik June 6, 2010
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It’s now illegal to wear any other coloured eyeliner than black!!
NEW RULE ::Have you heard that any other Coloured eyeliner than black is banned? , :: omg what?? I love my eyeliner
by tt:: @..charsswirls February 16, 2022
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If the rule is changed example one:
1. please explain this joke I don’t get it
2. New rule 12
1. Wat?
2. Look up new rules of the internet

If the rule is the same as the regular rules of the internet example 2:
1. Do you know any porn of this?
2. I’m not that into it, but try to add rule 34
1. Nothing…..
2. Rule 35

1. Oh.
by You’reasimp June 12, 2021
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