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Slang for cocaine. Initially used in Atlanta. Made popular in the rap song called "Hannah Montana."
"Got bricks in the Audi, the Hannah Montana." - Migos
by Chiller889 July 02, 2013
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A rather large and excessively pale, or whitish tinted piece of feces, often caused by certain diets, intestinal malabsorption or pancreatic disorders.
"Dude! Did you intentionally not flush the toilet so I would see that Hannah Montana you left in there?"

"Heck yeah. Ya' know, it sounded just like Hannah Montana coming out also."
by John Curtis August 28, 2007
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Some wannabe, wishy-washy Hilary Duff Disney Channel wannabe singer who can't sing or act to save her life. Speaks with a horrible Tennessee lispy accent (who sounds like a drunk Southerner) that makes your ears bleed.

The show is even more awful. How are you a teen by day, but a popstar by night? Wearing a brunette wig won't do much justice!
Hannah Montana: Hey, America! It's Hannah Montana!

Janice: *ears bleed* My ears! Ahhhhhhhh!
by Old School Disney March 23, 2007
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1. An extremely idiotic teenager who thinks she has some sort of talent. Talent and Hannah Montana do not belong in the same sentence ules you're being sarcastic, tricking someone, or sayings she's got none.
2. Feces with a blonde wig on.
3. An insult for one with a large bottom or just an insult in general.
1. "Dude, you sing like Hannah Montana! Shut the heck up!" Mike said to his ex-.
2. "Yeah, well atleast I flush the toilet when I do a Hannah Montana!" Jane screeched back.
3. "Jane's such a big fat Hannah Montana!" Mike shreiked back.
by Wingedmushroom44 March 24, 2009
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Hannah Montana, a Disney Channel series, is awful. If you want to watch some obnoxious, untalented, irritating brat attempt to act and sing, you should crawl out into the middle of a Seattle street at rush hour. Seriously. She sucks.
Hannah Montana's "actress", Miley Cyrus, only has a leading role on TV because of her mullet-haired dad, Achy Breaky Heart singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. He's worse than she is, and those awful Tennessee accents are the icing on the cake. She has no talent. At all.
by Jada Skye October 27, 2006
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is a horribly produced show that has a retarded plot and even worse actors. She has a fake accent that wouldn't ever pass as a real one. They overuse the laughtrack way too much and all her songs are about herself.(just like fergie!)
girl: do you think hannah montana is a good actor?

every one in room: HELL NO!
by jimmy and timmy June 22, 2007
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