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a very cute lady who can always makes your heart melts with her smile. However, cuteness is just one side of her, and within it, there is beauty. Yes, she's a combination of cuteness and beauty and, when you realize that, you will not be able to move your sight away from her since then. Nevertheless, Minnie is always a good listener and whenever you are depressed, she always try to do something to cheer you up. Therefore, she's a friend who you should never missed since she cares more than anyone and treat you with honesty. If you know a Minnie in your life, your lucky. Because with her, your life will always be filled of color.
by piggypiggypiggy October 06, 2012
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One of the baddest bitches out there. She can eat a whole chicken and an orange slice. She can get confused on eating the orange peel. She has mixed feelings about her owner, but deep down inside she knows she's a bad bitch. She is usually naked, but sometimes can pop off with a collar or some booties.
Owner: "Minnie get off the chair!!! Get down!!!"
Minnie: (This bitch) *eats orange peel*
Owner: "STOP IT!!!"
by Zume Zume August 11, 2019
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Noun: Alternative spelling to mini when refering to female genital parts.
1: She's gone commando and her skirt is so short, that when she bends over you can see right up her minnie!
by _eight_ September 14, 2006
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You know that really loud girl downstairs, that owns like a 1000 pairs of shoes and is afraid of spiders? Yeah, that's her.
Minnie must be around the corner then
by Traci September 07, 2003
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Someone who wishes her name had a better definition. Loves the phrase I'm seriously.
I'm Minnie. Wish my name had a definition
by Oooop February 06, 2012
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