an annoying phrase bosses often use in attempt to soften a command to do something.
"Go ahead and take out the garbage, then when you come back in, go ahead and clean out the fryolator, then when you're done with that, go ahead and clean up the shit someone smeared on the wall in the bathroom."
by ducksRpeople2 September 16, 2011
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Simply means "proceed". The connotation is that you have full permission, or are encouraged, to do whatever it is. The phrase is used in reference to any act, and usually in response to someone asking permission to do something.
Q: May I leave by the back exit?
A: Go ahead.
by omoikane no mago July 28, 2018
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To allow someone to move ahead of you, to signal that you let them go first, stating that it is time to leave.
A reversal of the proper english of 'go on ahead'. Its a southern thing.
You: Time to leave.
Me: Go ahead on.

You: (open a door for me) Go ahead on.

by skzyp May 28, 2006
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When you totally fuck something up.
Fucking shit up beyond all recognition.
When you do or say something stupid.
Me..... Dad I just shit myself.
Dad...... Go Ahead!

Dave...... I got my stepsister pregnant.
Me..... ....Go Ahead Dave !
by Go Ahead Dave July 26, 2019
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Also go head

Pronounced "go-hed" or "go-hyead"

1. A command given as a compliment.
2. An exclamation used when macking, spiting game, or flirting to tell the person that you approve of what they are doing or how they are doing it. Also to let them know that their style is fresh and they should keep doing what they are doing.
3. Usually accompanied by the thing or person you are telling to go ahead or what you want them to go ahead with. Go ahead with that! Go ahead girl, or go ahead playa.
4. Another way to say "play on player" or "keep doin what your doin"
5. Typically proceeded by a whistle or a high pitched oooowie or skooo-hiee sound that one makes when they see a fine ass. "Skoo-hiee! Go ahead with that!" Or proceeded by a tsss sound you make with your tongue when you see a booty that your feelin'

Made fresh by Brad G. from arlington/DC.
You see a fine girl dancin and shakin that ass at a club:
Man: "Damn girl that ass is vicious. Go ahead with that!"

A girl winks at you or gives you the eye.
Man: "Go ahead!"

Fine ass girl walks by you in the hall at school:
Man: "I see you girl. Go ahead with that!"
- or if your not good at whistling.
Man: "Skoooh-hieeee! Go head girl."

From the over played pop song gold digger.
Kanye: "Get down girl, go head get down"
by luke knudson November 8, 2006
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also see JUST GO

this is commonly used when a chick is done arguing and just wants you to shut up. this is not a green light, rather, a dare. should you go, it becomes on and is only a matter of time before she serves you back.
boyfriend: well i am going to do activity x then, since you wont stop being a bitch.

girlfriend: fine, go ahead, just go...

---exit oblivous boyfriend

---at this point the girlfriend begins plotting something to truly piss you off....
by my bed is special August 13, 2008
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