Israel is da most kind, caring, understanding being out their sum might say he care about people feelings to much but when u loss him , there’s a chance he might not come, but he can also be demon too. And he’s hella handsome.
Girls: damn who dat
Israel: (smiles but keep walking)
by November 22, 2021
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A fascist ethnostate that's been implementing an apartheid regime for 70+ years and gets away with it because the U.S. vetoes every U.N. security council resolution against it.

It has always been a murderous, racist, settler-colonial blight on the region but liberals have to pretend it's complicated otherwise outfits like the ADL will yell at them. Liberals are fundamentally cowardly creatures and the state of Israel is cancer.
Person: you ethnically cleansed Palestine. 🇵🇸

Israeli: that's antisemitic and i'm profoundly fucking stupid.
by JeffersonWheelchair May 15, 2022
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Where do I start... For one this person is a handsome, sweet, caring , nice, but not loyal. Some may say he's a player but some say he's husband material.
by Trayne2026 April 27, 2022
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Bob: ever heard of Israel?
Ahmad: Whats that?
by RemovePork May 11, 2022
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Israel is the definition of a guy which is so fucking loyal. He is pretty open and care a lot about ur feelings. He is always there for u no matter what he is doing right now. If he needs to sleep, go to work, to school or chill with friends. If u have any problem he will be there. He is a freaking angel. Also when u have a problem in ur life, he will always protect u and give u some good advice. He would also fight for his life to make u happy.

If u meet someone called Israel u should know now what kind of person that is!

Treat him with love and invest all ur energy in him. It is bloody worth it.
Israel the loyal fucker
by Delicious Caro November 23, 2021
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The best at everything he does the best and most diverse music taste can always pull the girl but almost never keep her very clingy and loving
by 1123;432223 November 23, 2021
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Israel is an amazing person, sure all name descriptions say that, but he is truly special. Israel lives for adventure and excitement and he even loves music and dancing yet is very introverted.

Israel is a hopeless romantic and he just loves love but can be rather clueless to his surroundings. This causes for confusion and misperceptions in any relationship he has, Friend or Romantic.

Israel can sometimes be arrogant and moody but he's quick to apologize but despite all his flaws, Israel is one of the best people you will ever meet. He is the sort of guy to sit and talk to you for hours, even at his own expense. You can tell him anything without fear of being judged or laughed at. He is extremely trustworthy and loyal. Israel truly cares about you as well. When he asks how your day was, he really means it. If he asks if he can help, he truly wishes to make you happier.

Finally, if he says he loves you, you better damn believe him. If you're lucky enough to find an ISRAEL, never let him go.
She likes being around Israel because his presence is comforting.
by Tania Kravetz November 23, 2021
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